Amy’s Headshots

Amy is a unique client because she is more than a client, she is a coworker and friend. I adore my photography business and the amazing people I get to work with but it’s not the only work I do. I have a full time job as a Communications Director at a church in Red Lion, PA called Living Word Community Church. I get the honor of leading a team of amazingly creative women and coordinating all communication needs for the church. Amy is on my team, and is an incredible artist and especially with editing and type setting. She is so talented that she writes her own books about crafting for children and they are very successful. Her most recent book coming out soon,  “Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Craftsneeded a fresh photo of Amy so I was happy to help!

I love the way her images and came out and how cool her bead bugs are, she has so many talents it’s cool!

Amy, I know your book with do amazing! Big Hugs girl. xo


I love this little guy! It’s made all about of beads, so cool!

Amy has a great imagination. There are cooties, don’t worry, I was vaccinated in the 3rd grade and didn’t get infected. HA

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