What to Wear at Your Engagement Session!

Your session is scheduled, we found the perfect place, but now . . . what to wear to your photo shoot? This isn’t as daunting as you may think. With some easy tips you can transform your outfits and be photo ready!


Be creative. It’s fun to shop and find new outfits, but you may have what you need already hanging in your closet. I love to create new outfits by mixing up my wardrobe, adding different accessories, or layering for warmth or fun color combos. If you use some creativity, you’ll discover many options that will save you money and be fun to put together! I would love to help you pick outfits and coordinate. You are more than welcome to text or email me photos before your photo session or bring additional outfits and accessories with you if you just can’t decide. 

L&S-63Be yourself. You are special and beautiful. As a couple you have wonderful aspects that make it unique. That’s the beauty of photography–bringing out the special personality of both of you. Sometimes finding the balance between casual and fancy can be a challenge in photos. The vibe you want your photos to convey is totally up to you. For engagement sessions and couples, a mix of casual and more fancy is fun and gives you more photo options. We will have time for 2 outfits and I would recommend one formal outfit and casual. Some couples want to be in jeans for both outfits and that is great, other couples feel more comfortable in dress clothes. It’s completely up to you, just be yourself. 


LK-11Be safe and stylish. Flat shoes are best, please avoid high heels! Shooting outside leads us into beautiful places, but sometimes uneven ground, so wearing comfortable, sensible shoes for ladies and gentlemen is very important. Leave your Sunday best at home. Flat shoes are sturdier than heels. I have had clients sink into the ground in their high heels–yikes! My best tip is to bring flats with you to walk from place to place and then change into heels for a few shots.


LK-77Be comfortable. To ensure your personality shines through it’s important that the outfit you choose is comfortable and you can move in it. Wearing a cute mini skirt or high wedge sandals may not be the best option because of lack of mobility. Layering adds more texture to an outfit and can help it feel more cohesive as a couple. You wouldn’t want to wear cute shoes that were too high or you had trouble walking in due to being outdoors. Especially in the summer, I encourage couples to wear short sleeves or outfits that breath and aren’t too heavy.


SJ-55Be colorful. Color is our friend. Here is where my professional and personal opinion is strongest when it comes to outfits: Please do not wear white shirts and jeans. Also, you do not have to match (I would recommend you don’t), instead coordinate. Wear colors that compliment (orange and blue, pink and grey, maroon and orange, purple and light blue, etc.) If there is a challenge incorporating color into your session with your available wardrobe, try adding accessories to brighten up your color pallet and add interest. For example, add a fun scarf or a colorful necklace. Brighter tones of color can make a big difference and bring out your beauty.



Enjoy a few other images from couples that had great outfits!! 


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