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What to wear


Your session is scheduled, we found the perfect place, but now … what to wear to your photo shoot ?

This isn’t as daunting as you may think- and don’t worry with some easy tips you can transform outfits to be photo ready!

Tip #1 – Be yourself. You are special and beautiful; your family has wonderful aspects that makes it unique, and that’s the beauty in photography – bringing out the special personality within your family. Sometimes finding the balance between casual and complimentary can be a challenge in photos- its the vibe you want your photos to convey, and it’s up to you.

Tip #2 - No high heels ! Shooting outside can lead us into beautiful places- but sometimes uneven ground; so wearing comfortable, sensible shoes for ladies and gentlemen is very important- leave your Sunday best at home.

Tip #3 – Wiggle – This may sound silly but make sure  the outfit you choose is comfortable and you can move in it. Wearing a cute mini skirt may not be the best option because of the lack of mobility. Especially with children, layering to ensure modesty and comfort will help your shoot go smoothly.

Tip #4 – Tis the Season.  Choosing colors that compliment the season of the year and compliment each other help tell the story behind the image. Each season has certain color families, and then of course there are the neutrals: white, black, grey, brown, khaki, and of course jean.  These are your guarantees, but of course, without some color can lead to very plain outfits.


 Bright colors like yellows, pinks, grassy green, navy blues are the colors of summer.  Pair some of these classic brights with a neutral like a jean or khaki bottom and you’ll have a beautiful summer ensemble.

                                                                                         Photo via  jennduguayphotography

Photo via Leslie Crabtree Photography 


The dark warm colors like deep greens, reds, oranges, deeper pinks, purple, gold, and brown are some of the colors of fall.  Just like summer, pair these with neutral bottoms (a brown, khaki, or darker neutral recommended) and you and your family will be back to school with style.

Photo via Suzuki Photography

Photo via Amber Anderson Photography


Winter, although this is a dull season, it doesn’t mean your outfits need to be!  Winter is infamous for bright reds, black and white, deep purple, grey, navy, gold, dark and light shades of green, deep pinks like fuschia and maroon.   You can’t go wrong with a black or grey bottom to complete your winter wonderland look.

Photo via Lina Jarmond


Spring! This lively season is known for the pastels.  Light shades of just about any and all colors.  Light pinks, greens, blues, and yellows are classics, and if paired with a neutral bottom like jeans or khakis, you and your family can have a spring ensemble together.

Photo via Stephanie Moore

Photo via Kristip

Photo via Amy Leavitt Photography

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