Randy & Amanda

I can not say enough good things about Leigh and Peter! From our first meeting with them, it was very evident that they were both very passionate about what they do, and that they truly share in your excitement. Leigh did such an AMAZING job with our engagement pictures.....so much so that it has been hard to choose our favorites! Everyone that we show has been so impressed and complimentary of our photos. We had such an amazing time at our shoot and she has made such an exciting time for us even more enjoyable. I can't wait for them to capture our wedding in the fall!!

Jack & Katie

Working with and getting to know Leigh was certainly one of my favorite parts of my wedding planning. She is certainly a master of her craft! She offers many wonderful perks with her packages, one of which is her E sessions. As someone who isn't a "natural" in front of a camera, the E session helped me to become comfortable posing with my husband. I love my engagement pictures just as much as my wedding photos! Certainly memories I will treasure forever.

On my wedding day, Leigh was punctual and enthusiastic. She was just as excited as I was for our big day! In the mean time, Pete was photographing my husband and his groomsmen. Leigh will tell you up front that she is not a wedding planner, but I beg to differ! She helped my day run smoothly through her communication with my DJ and caterers. She paid very close attention to (in my words) awkward family dynamics.

I can't say enough good things about this wonderful husband and wife duo! I would HIGHLY recommend Leigh G to anyone who is looking for a top-notch photographer in the York, PA area. Her and Pete are the sweetest, most caring couple who are simply amazing at what they do! I look forward to using her for our one year anniversary photos! Thank you again for everything Leigh and Pete!

Clif & Bethany

It's hard not to repeat what has already been said about this amazing couple. Leigh and Peter were the perfect choice for our special day. While searching for a photographer, I immediately fell in love with Leigh & Peter's bright and beautiful style of photography. She did a great job working with us ahead of time to get a feel for our theme and timeline.

I was very impressed the day of the wedding. Leigh and Peter did such an amazing job keeping the chaos under control during our numerous family photos. Not an easy task with my huge and crazy family! They did so well in fact that we were ahead of schedule and had extra time to grab a few unplanned treasured shots before the reception. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the photos we received. I would recommend them to everyone and anyone!

Jared & Layne

On our wedding day the weather was anything but ideal.We were nervous about how our images would turn out with the rain. Leigh and Peter blew our expectations out of the water. They did an excellent job at keeping our spirits up! I was shocked at how beautiful the pictures were. They can make your wedding day beautiful even when mother nature does not cooperate. I highly recommend them!