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Meet Sophie !

We are very excited to introduce  the newest addition to our family … Sophie

She’s a 1 yr. old Cocka-poo that we adore. We got Sophie from a wonderful owner, who taught her so many things – so our job has been very easy, the main thing we are working on is keeping her off our bed, the most comfy spot in the house, can you blame her ? We wanted a dog for a long time, and decided to get her for our 6 month anniversary gift, we love her and she’s very happy with us !

Sophie loves to play ! She has oodles of toys because her daddy ( cough cough ) spoils her rotten ! Thank you Target for her indestructible affordable toys …

Sophie is very curious, like all good puppies- she can barely hold still long enough to snap a photo ! This is her ” no more photos please” face hehe

L~ F~:

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