John Paul & Lauren – Hotel Hershey Engagement Session

I remember meeting John Paul (JP) and Lauren and a wedding we were shooting 2 years ago for Katie and Josh. They were guests at the table we were sitting at for dinner. I just loved them and thought, “what an adorable couple, I hope they get married.” We snapped a few pics of them for fun and said goodbye. Fast forward 2 years and we were at Josh’s 30 surprise birthday party. We have become very good friends with Katie and Josh :). Guess who was there?! JP and Lauren!!

Lauren slipped away from the table and I drilled JP.. “when are you going to propose”, “I love you guys together”, “you are an awesome couple”… silence. He said very little. Well, the NEXT DAY he proposed, she said yes, and I got an email that I was waiting 2 years for!

Here is there engagement session at the beautiful Hotel Hershey and Hershey Gardens. We can’t wait to continue this journey with this beautiful couple!

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