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It’s all about the details

I love junk drawers … yeh I admit it. I am the girl who is afraid to throw anything away, it’s genetic – my grandmothers curse blessing . But I lovingly call my organizational style “organized chaos”. I can tell you exactly where things are, and find the most random things when I need them, however it makes for an interesting life.

The challenge is I married a clean freak … ahh I remember not too long ago saying,” We balance each other, we are opposites and it’s such a compliment” HA ! He hates my clutter. So yesterday Peter went on a re-organizing spree, re-did our spice shelf ( yes, we have that many spices), bathroom shelves AND coat closet. It stressed me out and I couldn’t handle it.

So, whats the deal Leigh- get to the point ?! Change is necessary and life is filled with important details. When I think about diamonds, which is often a metaphor for humans we are so, so special. Each piece of who we are is delicately chosen by God to make beauty and uniqueness. Our home has peace a serenity when it’s clean and thankfully, Peter keeps it that way:)So, stop and take time this weekend to focus on the details, and to notice the little things in life. Polishing and cleaning diamonds is tedious but brings the brilliance back – so if there are areas in your life that need polished, buff it UP ! Don’t fight the “re-organization” that your life may need… it will be well worth it.

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