Hunter & Rachel – Historic Acres of Hershey Engagement Session

During every consultation we have such a great time meeting couples, talking about their goals, style, and favorites (not only in wedding trends but life). Often with couples, we journey with them for over 1 year, sometimes 2 years; depending on when they book. It’s such a fun experience of collaborating thinking about how we can incorporate their loves into their images.

During breakfast with Rachel and her mom, she mentioned her love for horses and an elegant rustic wedding vibe. I began wondering about how we can bring that into her images in a pretty way. We found the perfect fall day – nice and crisp at Historic Acres of Hershey. We don’t always do the engagement session at a couples wedding venue, but it’s a nice way to see the venue through the couple’s eyes. They will be getting married at the gorgeous, Historic Acres of Hershey in 2018! This venue has so many ceremony options and great rain plans (just in case).

Enjoy this cute session and you will see Rachel’s horse passion incorporated in a very sweet way…

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